Action and Emotion

Workshop in five evenings

Our emotions determine our interactions with ourselves and with others.
From recent studies we also know that being able to understand and transform our emotions is extremely important in order to make relevant choices, meet outstanding results, and for excellent problem solving skills. 
In these 5 workshops, we will travel through the world of emotions, with an eye on how they are triggered, what is their meaning, and how to transform them in order to reach a fulfilling emotional state.


Alice G. Zagato


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Dates & Place

Tue, 16th May: 17.00-18.30 - WOOD
Tue, 23rd May: 17.00-18.30 - FIRE
Tue, 30th May: 17.00-18.30 - EARTH
Tue, 6th June: 17.00-18.30 - METAL
Tue, 13th June: 17.00-18.30 - WATER

BYoga Hutgasse 1, 4001 Basel


The nature of our emotions determines the quality of life that we experience. Most importantly, the relationship that we have with ourselves impacts the relationships that we have with our families, partners, friends, colleagues and employers. It is a corner stone of a fulfilling life to engage with these emotions rather than letting them run our lives for us.
Even though we value our intellect and rationality very highly, for the most part, our choices and actions are determined by our emotional state. Sometimes they lead excellent results, sometimes for not so optimal results, more often with no awareness from our side. Many of us feel that we have no choice about our emotions and that they just happen. Is this really true?

In this series of 5 workshops, we will start to understand how our emotions are triggered, how we can take charge and then transform them to a beneficial state through the use of some simple but enjoyable, active, physical and mental exercises. 
These workshops are organized around modules where the focus is on learning exercises, that are easy to practice in our daily lives. We will use the five movements schema (Wu Xing) to work on all emotions, their interactions, relationship and development. In addition, we will create a "toolbox” of techniques and resources that can be used to help you through your most challenging times; some essential and practical strategies for emotional management and emotional growth.

Join the workshop to develop your skills, to use your body and your brain to playfully and effectively engage with emotions in order to make them your powerful allies in your private and professional life.

About Alice G. Zagato

Since early childhood she was introduced to Vipassana, Anapana, and Metta meditation which provided a strong foundation for her work and life.
After acquiring a background in biology in Milano she studied Shiatsu and Taoistic therapy techniques in Europe and China, specializing then in NLP and Coaching. She is currently completing her Master in "Peace Building Management. Relazioni internazionali-Diplomazia-Mediazione e Gestione delle Crisi"

Her practice for Coaching, Shiatsu and Medical Qi-gong  is open in Basel since 2008 were she works with individuals, couples, groups, and teams.
Her passion is to develop and deepen unique combinations of therapeutic and personal development tools. This allows her to travel often to China and around the world, with the goal to refine, explore and enrich the instruments for better embracing  the true characteristics and needs of her clients.

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